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2018 Cellulose Ether Supply Market In China

        Along with the deep implementation of the 2017 environmental inspection, all industries are facing a reshuffle.Many environmentally unfriendly businesses are being shut down, or even closed.What will happen to the cellulose ether market in China in 2018?

1- Environmental inspection and raw material prices rising.

As a basic state policy for the development in China, the environmental clean-up will be carried out in the long run.Just in the past year of 2017, there have been nearly 200,000 "scattered" enterprises in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and surrounding areas alone.As history's most severe "environmental law" in the implementation of the nationwide and, in 2018 there will be more environmental protection not qualified enterprises shut down a severe test, all walks of life will reshuffle.The combination of increased environmental inspections and the imposition of environmental taxes, as well as an increase in the cost of corporate pollution, will certainly drive up prices of raw materials and supply constraints.

The main raw materials of cellulose ether (refined cotton) belong to agricultural products, affected by natural environment change, its production and price will be fluctuate, for raw materials preparation and cost control of the downstream industry is difficult. In addition, the petrochemical products such as propylene oxide and chloromethane are also important raw materials for cellulose ether, and the price is greatly influenced by the fluctuation of crude oil market.The change of international political situation often impacts on crude oil price, so cellulose ether production enterprises need to face the adverse impact of frequent oil price fluctuations on the production and operation of enterprises.

2- How about the Cellulose Ether manufacturer in China?

Foreign cellulose ether industry started earlier, DOW Chemical, HERCHCES group etc, as the representative of production enterprises in the aspect of formulation and production process at the absolute leading position. Chinese cellulose ether enterprise is limited by the technology, the main production process route is relatively simple, the product purity is relatively low industrial grade cellulose ether product.

Cellulose ether series products and their derivatives are various, the production process between different products is also very different.Many production enterprise actual production only 2-3 kinds of cellulose (or even just a production, such as HPMC), but they often stated on the website and publicity materials products are their own production, real situation, self-evident.For many foreign buyers, they tend to be production enterprise company payable to the "factory" in the word "manufacturer", should think these production enterprise website and publicity materials show the cellulose ether series of products are their own production

Nanjing Li Hong De Trading Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the application and service of cellulose ether products since its establishment in 2011. As a trader, we know the cellulose ether supply market in China, we know the quality of each manufacturer's products. At the same time, it also has a large number of customers in mainland China, and they use all kinds of cellulose ether products provided by li hongde in different fields.Li hongde has always maintained close communication and technical exchanges with the users, and actively responded to the personalized needs of different customers to the cooperative factory, with a view to providing the best quality products to customers.

As biological base of new materials and green environmental protection material, cellulose ether in the future to build a large number of applications in industrial fields is environment friendly and resources-saving society, the development trend of the development of the industry to realize the sustainable development of economy in our country macroscopic goal, our government have issued "national medium and long-term science and technology development plan outline (2006-2020)", "construction" twelfth five-year "development plan" and other measures to support the cellulose ether industry.Countries also has a strict environmental standards, will focus on environmental issues to new heights, increase the intensity of pollution to the environment of punishment, to solve the cellulose ether industry disorderly competition state, integrating industry capacity and other issues play a positive role.